About Us

Sidoman SACCO

Your Halal financial partner

MSMEs are the backbone of the Kenyan economy. They employ more than 80% of the Kenya working population. Efforts to make MSMEs more vibrant and more competitive would go a long way in helping the country achieve its development goals. Most MSMEs however never live to see their third year. The main cause of this is lack of capital to expand and to stay afloat. Most MSMEs depend on the proprietor who in most cases is the heart and the soul of the business. Sickness or even a court case may mean financial strain and therefore close of business.  It is for this reason that Sidoman Sacco was created.

Sidoman SACCO is a new and revolutionary financial institution geared towards improving the lives of the people of Mombasa through transformative financial products. With our Halal Savings account you have an opportunity to build up savings and access credit products to build your business, acquire an asset and even sort out an emergency. Our desire is to enable MSMEs within the greater Coast region access adequate financial support to cater to basic business needs. Our Sacco is founded on basic the Sharia principle of brotherhood and our main is to empower and better the lives of our members and the society in which we are based.