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Development Loans (Sukuk)

Sidoman Sukuk Development Loan is a comprehensive development finance option that focuses on financing your development projects to create long term benefits. Our Development Loan is geared towards financing projects such as residential and commercial buildings.

Business Loan (Mudharabah)

Sidoman Mudharabah Business Loan is a tailor made financial solution aimed at boosting your business’ working capital and sorting out your short term financing of stock or other expenses for your business. This product is designed to keep your business afloat despite the volatile business environment.

Asset Finance (Murabahah)

Sidoman Murabahah Asset Finance Loan is a loan for members looking to acquire an asset. This loan gives you the flexibility of owning and utilizing your asset while having the convenience of paying for it over an extended period of time. Your dream car, land or house can become a reality today.

Salary Advance

In the modern world that we live in, emergencies have become a part of everyday life. Sidoman Salary advance Loan is suited towards meeting the emergency needs of salaried individuals. Emergencies may not wait till end month but we can. Don’t get stuck when we can help.

Emergency Loan

Sidoman Emergency Loan is a loan facility designed to offer solution to your unexpected needs such as medical bills, funeral expenses, court fines and general response to natural calamities. Emergencies do occur and when they do, you can be assured that we have got your back.

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